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to build to bury to remember

  • Sarah Ama Duah
  • November 5th 2022

  • TATWERK | Berlin

In the frame of Theater der Dinge 2022 | Installative Performance

to build to bury to remember © Kara Bukowski

As part of the ongoing series “to build to bury to remember”, Sarah Ama Duah examines the deconstruction of monuments, while developing hybrid forms between sculpture and people. She adopts a sculptural approach to the topic, inviting performers to reflect as one on the fetishized status of historical monuments by creating alternative, temporary monuments made from latex using their own bodies. What different forms can sculptural appreciation take? To whom do we want to dedicate them and what do we actually dedicate?
How is it possible to handle the void that remains behind when a colonial monument is demolished?
Sarah Ama Duah adopts a multidisciplinary approach to her work that involves sculpture, performance, and video. From the perspective of a feminist and a person of color, she explores the relationship between the body and sculpture, investigating concepts of fetishization and the potential found in synthetic surfaces.



November 5th 2022 | 4:30 & 6:30 pm

TATWERK | Berlin

Free entrance ***SOLD OUT***
No seating; the audience can move freely throughout the space.
Registration via
Number of visitors limited to 35


Concept: Sarah Ama Duah, Sointu Pere
Choreography: Sointu Pere
Scenography, costume
s: Sarah Ama Duah
: Naomi Boima, Sarah Ama Duah, Rositsa Mahdi
: Anna Lucia Nissen