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Ghosts of the Landwehr Canal

  • Travis Jeppesen / Wang Ping-Hsiang
  • April 2nd - 5th 2023
  • Berliner Ringtheater

“They thought I’d been shot to death. But there I was: a failed suicide in Berlin. Capital of the failed suicides. A place you might go and truly die while remaining forever alive. This entire city is full of ghosts in case you’ve never noticed?”

Ghosts of the Landwehr Canal © Ulf Germann

In 1919, just months after the Russian Revolution and the failed German Communist Revolution of 1918/19, the executed body of the Polish revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg was dumped unceremoniously in the Landwehr Canal in Berlin’s city center. One year later, a woman would attempt to end her life by jumping off the Bendlerstrasse bridge into the same canal. Rescued and sent to a mental institution where she refused to give her identity, she was known for a time only as Fräulein Unbekannt – until launching a new career in which she claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, having somehow managed to survive the assassinations of the Russian Revolution…
In this wildly imaginative work, the ghosts of these two enigmatic historical figures are joined by a worker ant having been separated from her colony. Left to wander through a Berlin suspended in time between two centuries, with the Landwehr Canal emerging as a symbolic division between the land of the living and the dead, as well as an excavation point for Berlin’s psychogeography, this multi-disciplinary work combines the anarchic linguistic inventiveness of Travis Jeppesen’s writing with dance, sound and video art, all under the direction of Taiwanese theater maverick Wang Ping-Hsiang.


A coproduction between TATWERK and Berliner Ringtheater.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR and by the National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan.
Media partner is TAZ. Die Tageszeitung.

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Video »Ghosts of the Landwehr Canal «
Trailer »Ghosts of the Landwehr Canal «


2 April 2023 | 8 p.m.

Further performances:
3 - 5 April 2023 | 8 p.m.

Berliner Ringtheater
auf dem Gelände der Alten Münze
Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin

Tickets: 15€ / reduced 9 € (plus advance booking fee) hier.


Author: Travis Jeppesen
Director: Wang Ping-Hsiang
Performers: Moritz Sauer (Rosa Luxemburg), Wu Po-Fu (Miss Unknown), Tien Yi-Wei (Worker Ant) Sound Design: Shen Sum-Sum
Stage and costume design: Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo
Lighting design and technical direction: Raquel Roslidete
Video and graphic design: Lin Yu-En
Sound engineering: Ilya Selikhov
Stage and costume assistance: Idil Morsallioglu
Vocal coach: Keith Wong
Production Management: Michael Rade
Press: Anita Goß


Travis Jeppesen is the author of numerous books, including Wolf at the Door, All Fall: Two Novellas, The Suiciders, See You Again in Pyongyang, and Bad Writing. In addition, he is known as the creator of object-oriented writing, a metaphysical form of writing-as- embodiment that attempts to channel the inner lives of objects. Jeppesen’s first major object-oriented writing project, 16 Sculptures, was published in book format by Publication Studio, featured in the 2014 Whitney Biennial as an audio installation, and was the subject of a solo exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery in London. He is the recipient of an Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. His calligraphic and text-based artwork has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Wilkinson Gallery (London), Exile (Berlin), and Rupert (Vilnius). In 2023, Itna Press will publish Jeppesen’s latest novel, Settlers Landing.
disorientations.com | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_Jeppesen

Wang Ping-Hsiang is a theatre director from Taiwan. His work has focused on how human behavior is being disciplined and modified through the evolution of materiality, the internet, systems, machinery, the environment, and commerce. Wang’s signature aesthetic is honed on the transference of normal daily landscapes into fantastic digital realities. He views theater as a perceptual vehicle for enabling new means of communication, and combines multiple performative elements using text, spoken language, sound, movement, live streaming video, objects, and scenography. His work posits narrative as a full sensory experience. In recent years, he has worked with diverse international theatre companies, including Agrupación Señor Serrano, Rimini Protokoll, and cmd+c company. Many festivals throughout Europe and Asia have presented his works, such as Romaeuropa in Italy, Grec Festival de Barcelona and TNT Festival in Spain, Festival de la Cité in Switzerland, and ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival in the UK.