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Stretchy Boundaries

  • Hen/i
  • November 8th 2023
  • TATWERK | Theater der Dinge

Workshop in the frame of Theater der Dinge

Stretchy Boundaries © Benjamin Lee Martin

The fine line. Between restriction and freedom. How does a boundary enable me to move around more freely?

With bodyloops, huge stretchy sheets and inflatable spheres, we will create architectures for playful and embodied explorations of the scope of the space within and without. Leaning in, bouncing back, being enveloped, getting entangled, pushing and wiggling your way out. In those encounters of material and bodies, we will find delight in those surprising moments of stumbling into unforeseeable ranges of movements and sensations. Breathing, sensing, dancing, imagining.  Together, we will use these things as catalysts for encounters, using the bodyloop, created by artist and Playful Pleasure Activist Benjamin Lee Martin, as a map for live scores that can be performed and create temporary installations and interactive performances.

Video »Stretchy Boundaries«
Trailer »Stretchy Boundaries«


November 8th 2023 | 3 pm
Workshop for max. 20 participants
In English spoken language with German translation
Not barrier-free
Duration: 180 minutes (incl. break)
Admission: 5.00€




Hen/i is a dancer/choreographer/creative director/researcher and founding member of four performance collectives.