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Who is she

  • Amelia Emma Forrest
  • March 8th 2019
  • TATWERK | Berlin

We're still dying You're still denying us protection from your projection of a shame that we don't share Touch me I'm real As real as you want me to be or not be, baby." Innocent Heretic, Who is she

A photo of two female read nonbinary people in blue, red spotlight. © Yacoub Chakarji

Drag artist and lip sync extraordinaire Judy LaDivina and emerging performance artist Amelia Emma Forrest present a narrative about the resilience, compassion, urgency and acknowledgement of womxnhood. I see her and she sees me in a daily existence of toxic masculine domination.

Video »Who is she «
Trailer »Who is she «


February 1st 2019

Further shows:
February 2nd 3rd 2019

Acker Stadt Palast | Berlin

March 8th 2019
TATWERK | Berlin
within Fe/Male Flavours, International Womxn's Day


Performance: Amelia Emma Forrest & Judy LaDivina
Music: Ampfer, Innocent Heretic, Marie Davidson & Shy
Visuals: Charis Boon Films​
Costumes: Dor Hyman & Evelijn Forrest


Amelia Emma Forrest is an emerging performance artist based in the studios of TATWERK | Performative Forschung in Berlin. After finishing formal training at Rudra-Béjart and working as a soloist at the Baltic Dance Theatre, she moved to Berlin to journey into the world of butoh in the west. Simultaneously she started a deeper exploration into somatics. She puts this generously shared information into practice by creating and collaborating within theaters, club spaces and club nights. Amelia is also a co-director of Radiant Love along with Byron Yeates and Jochem Van Bruggen. Radiant love is a rave, label, art and performance collective and has a monthly radio residency on HÖR.