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Hawaiian Fragments

  • Compagnie des Wanderers
  • June 18th 2017
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Freely inspired by Haruki Murakami's «Hanalei Bay»

Sharing Before Showing
Pencil drawing, partially colored, of a young woman holding a fish in front of her, in her right hand she holds a smoldering cigarette. At the bottom of the picture are colorful flowers, in the background the sea with numbers and calculations. © Esther Samuels-Davies

Elaine, a successful, rational businesswoman involved in the ever-speeding world of finance, receives an unexpected call. All of a sudden she must travel to Hawaii under tragic circumstances. Once there, the time for a profound decision comes, confronted to a human choice out of her range, Elaine goes blank. She resolves to spend some time on the islands until she can come to terms with the unimaginable events that have ensued while unknowingly sets herself in the quest for a ritual that could bring the shattered fragments together. Hawaiian Fragments is the story of this journey the grieving process it constitutes and ultimately the search of possible reconciliation with nature. A dark humoured, at times surreal, solo-show adventure conceived as a series of fragments that in an episodic fashion explore different theatrical formats ranging from cinematic to chaplinesque or storytelling in the imaginary setting of Hawaii both symbolic summit of capitalistic touristic pleasure and territory of a wondrous nature and ancient traditions. Freely inspired by a story of Haruki Murakami Hawaiian Fragments is the opening piece of a 4-part series created by Compagnie des Wanderers dealing with the role of rituals in our contemporary society. In absolutely different settings and formats each main character is in the search of the right symbolic act that can perform a change in the invisible tissue of society or the individual human soul. From a famous Japanese violinist who wants to liberate his son, following the same career, from his shadowing figure or a solitary man in the Alps who desperately seeks punishment when his daughter commits suicide after having suffered repeated abuse by his part.

A creation of Compagnie des Wanderers in cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung

Video »Hawaiian Fragments«
Trailer »Hawaiian Fragments«


Open Rehearsal:
April 15th 2017
TATWERK | Berlin

June 18th 2017
TATWERK | Berlin
PAF - Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2017

 6th 2017
Ackerstadt Palast | Berlin

Further shows:
July 7th and 8th 2017
Ackerstadt Palast | Berlin



Acting: Jayne Walling
Dramaturgy: Wenzel U. Vöcks
Costume design: Jojo Shone
Director’s Assistant: Thais Nepomuceno
Production Manager: Chris Wohlrab
Pre-production assistant: Kelley Griffiths
Direction: Federico Schwindt
On-Stage assistance & Set design: Valeria Urigu
Artistic Assistant: Denise Cobello
Composer Hawaiian Song: Mauricio Ahumada
Cardboard paintings: Esther Samuels-Davis
Sounds and music: freemusicarchive.org


Compagnie des Wanderers is an international theatre company created in 2016. We are based in Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires. The scattered Wanderers create during long-distance preparation periods, meeting for intensive residencies which culminate in the creation of a variety of performances ranging vastly in style (ex. music-theatre, documentary and text-based shows).
The Wanderers’ goal is to make shows which are inspired (sprung) from interactions between their culturally diverse members, in order to connect with and empower audience members by reflecting situations relevant to them.