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Contemporary Butoh Meetings Vol. 1

  • Vangeline, Yael Gaathon, Nobyuoshi Asai, Motimaru
  • 21. Mai 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Supported by Butoh Channel Berlin www.butohchannel.com

Foto zwei nackter verschlungener Körper auf der Bühne © © Lena Meyer

From now on we hold a series of events to have a chance to discover diverse contemporary Butoh artists, whose remarkable dedication and contribution inspires and makes believe: Butoh has the future, and it is moulded nowadays by young contemporary artists.
On one hand, Butoh is much influenced while artists bring their backgrounds; on the other hand, Butoh transmits impulses to other arts, and the results are astonishing.
Let us follow this live movement as it is created by the artists today.


At the Contemporary Butoh Meetings. Vol 1, we are happy to introduce in a video interview Vangeline (USA/FR) and Yael Gaathon (DK/ISR), who visit Berlin in June in the frames of their European tour “Dancing with Ghosts”, as well as Nobuyoshi Asai (JP), whose performance alive to be seen at the festival “Behind the movement" at the end of July. In the third part of the program, Motimaru Dance Company (Tiziana Longo, DE/IT, & Motoya Kondo, DE/JP) will give an artist talk “Esthetic and sensibility of Emptiness in Japanese butoh and comparative analysis of Eastern Culture of India, Bali, Tibet, Japan” + video screening from documentaries of field work research.

Film Vangeline and Yael Gaathon / 30 min
Film Nobuyoshi Asai / 15 min
Motimaru Artist talk and screening / 50 min
Moderation: Reha Bliss


21. Mai 2016 | 20:00 Uhr