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Relax now

  • Spielraum Kollektiv
  • 4. Juni 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Whoever stands still has already lost - or is exactly that the best first step?

Fotokollage/ Grafik Berliner Hauptbahnhof und Menschen © © Spielraum Kollektiv

New theatre of the everyday from Berlin and Prague

In their new piece, Spielraum Kollektiv investigates the daily life of major cities. How does the ever-increasing speed of the world manifest in contemporary bodies? In the search for identity, and in the whirl of constant information and change, distances have become negligible and objectives blurry.

The Prague-based company Spielraum Kollektiv offers an insight into the development of their new production, "Relax Now," through this work-in-progress showing. 
Since 2015, Spielraum Kollektive have been Artists in Residence at the internationally renowned Archa Theater - Centre for Contemporary Performing Arts in Prague, where the world premiere of "Relax Now" will open in September 2016.


04. Juni 2016 | 20:00 Uhr



With: Rosalin Hertrich, Zdenka Josefi, Josef Mehling, Linda Straub
Music: Myko
Stage: Mathias Straub

Productions (selection): BUSKING UN/LIMITED (Theater Archa, Prag 2016), Proč dál? (Nuselský most, Prag, 2015), Český Rááááj (Theater Alfred ve dvoře, Prag, 2015), NoD Inclusive – Víc, než jen konzumace / More than consume (NoD, 2013), Spící Království / The sleeping kingdom (DAMU, 2014), Marie to dala. Jak to dáš ty? (Nekázanka 18, Prag 2013)


About Spielraum Kollektiv

Spielraum Kollektiv is a fluid group based around the theatre makers Linda and Mathias Straub, whose work focuses primarily on documentary and site specific theatre. The group is characterized by both their innovative ways of integrating spectators into performances and their conscious and intentional work with performance spaces. The collective often incorporates principles borrowed from physical- and object theatre in developing their experimental pieces.