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赤ーAKAーRED. Episode 4

  • Tiziana Longo
  • 23. Oktober 2016
  • TATWERK I Berlin

赤ーREDーAKA: Frida Khalo Episode 4 is a part of a series of performances started on july 24th toward a final solo performance " Mut" that would be presented as premiere the 14th February in Tokyo at Theater X and on March 31st and April 1st and 2nd in Berlin at Ackerstadt Palast.

Foto einer Frau mit roter Kopfbedeckung unt grünem Kleid draußen hinter Gitterstäben © Tiziana Longo

Shifting from personal to not personal  Aka is a " collective" solo that includes stories from many women an open journey in the female inner cave.
But the feminine is a quality and not a prerogative reserved only to women.
Through the Feminine I open my movement journey back to pelvis to enter in the mother earth, the goddess that contains all of us with gravity, universal love and compassion.
When a human being, an immigrant, a woman, a child, an homosexual, an artist come to be dominated, abused, manipolated by another human being, society, familiar environment, for a while the dignity comes to be trampled.
For Aka episode 4 I recall one of the greatest, most passionate female artist: Frida Khalo a woman that have made many mistakes for love and have transcended them in pieces of art.
Passionate, irreverent, exaggerate, sometimes inappropriate her honesty and courage  have strenghten our time.
We can' t be spiritual and meditate, paint, dance about the Universal love without having experienced our human body borders and limits where blood, emotions conflicts, deep physical and mental suffering  craziness, shadows are running through.
The beauty of any flowers is coming from the brown soil.
I love the smell of the soil when it rains.
"Rain, come to me!"


With and by: Tiziana Longo


23. Oktober 2016 | 20:00 Uhr

TATWERK | Berlin