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  • T.I.T.S.
  • November 10th – 12th  2022

  • TATWERK | Berlin

A distorted celebration of virility reclaimed and twisted by a single female performer.

Stripped Works
A woman lies on her back with her legs and arms raised. Her mouth is covered by a plastic mask with letters cut out of newspapers. © Hans Petter Eliassen

The audiovisual physical performance »Badman« welcomes the audience into the strange world that plays with masculinity and its power, reclaimed and twisted by a single female performer.

Dear Badman
It's that pop and oomph I desire
To wear your gestures as my garment
To rip off your faces
To taste your manners
To drink your spirit
To pet your ego

When you burn at the stake
I'll rise from your ashes

Come to get under the spell of our distorted celebration of virility and new visions of manliness. Let's break that charm.

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Fritt Ord, Nadace Život Umělce

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Video »Badman «
Trailer »Badman «


November 10th – 12th  2022  | 8 pm
After the show on November 11th: »Cartography« in cooperation with Theaterscoutings Berlin

TATWERK | Berlin

15€ | 10€ reduced (plus VVK-Gebühr)

*The number of seats is limited! We recommend buying the tickets in advance via the online ticket shop. At the box office, there will be only (possibly) remaining tickets*.


Concept, development & performer: Nela H. Kornetová (CZ/NO)
Dramaturgy: Anders Firing Aardal (NO)
Text: T.I.T.S. with Karmenlara Ely (USA/NO)
Visuals: Jan Hajdelak Hustak (CZ/NO) & Heidi Dalene (NO)
Sound: Bjorn Honsson (SWE)
Outside eye: Geddy Anniksdal (NO)


T.I.T.S. is an independent performance group that explores the possibilities of hybrid theater forms, blending choreography, play, sound, visual imagery, and body physicality. Based in Norway, artistic leader Nela H. Kornetová initiates each project with her international team of collaborators, with themes that audiences can relate to instinctively.
Recent projects highly valued by both critical and general audience include “Cult of Busy” (2018), a satirical work about a fictional religious community worshipping busy-ness; “Tumor: Carcinogenic Romance” (2019) about the search for love and peace with a deadly disease, mixing text, choreography, sound, and visual art; “Badman” (2020) an audiovisual physical performance about masculinity and its power, reclaimed and twisted by a single female performer;
T.I.T.S. work was presented at multiple venues and festivals in Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czechia, and South Korea.