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there is no place like Before - a digital time-travel

  • June 23rd - 25th 2023
  • TATWERK | Berlin

Imagine you are an astronaut returning to Earth after a thousand-year, multi-generational journey. What will you find?

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there is no place like Before - a digital time-travel © DERIVAT

What world will emerge if humanity has long since disappeared or is hiding somewhere in the depths of the planet?

»there is no place like Before - a digital time-travel« takes you on a speculative journey where you can reconstruct possible futures in an interactive and multidimensional narrative.
In a digital universe created within the montage platform nota.space, a single spectator's movements carve out the stories of the world after the Anthropocene.
The »digital time travel« is the current step in the long process of creating a live performance. It is a mixture of a philosophy laboratory, speculation workshop, and digital construction site, where contemporary feminist and critical theories, speculative fiction and creative coding will be explored, always negotiating between language and code, spatial design, and software architecture.

An invitation to actively participate in shaping the future in a digital performative work that can be explored like a video game.


»there is no place like Before - a digital time-travel« is a production by DERIVAT coproduced by TATWERK and in cooperation with nota e.V.
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR


Work-in-progress live:
May 12  - 14 2023

Work-in-progress live & digital:
June 23 - 25 2023
in the frame of the Open Source Gala

The performances will be in English.
We welcome one spectator member at a time, so the capacity is very limited.
Interested in a live or digital session?
Please write to and we will get back to you with a proposal for a date.


Artistic direction, story, digital space design: Aurora Kellermann
Dramaturgy: Fatima Çalışkan
Script Coach, Digital Space Design: Farzad Golghasemi
Sound Design: Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha
Assistance: Beatrice Zanesco
Production Management: Chris Wohlrab


DERIVAT (Aurora Kellermann & Chris Wohlrab) is a Berlin based performing arts label. It has produced artistic and curatorial projects at the interface of research, documentation, and performance since 2016. After the first project „Krieg“ in 2016, DERIVAT produced the documentary performance „mixed_me – EinMenschShow“ in the same year. In 2018, DERIVAT organized and curated the festival STRIPPED WORKS – Contemporary Performance Practices. In 2019, the research project „In the Heart of the Beast“ began with the short performance „oder, ich bin Kampf“. Since 2021 DERIVAT has been dealing with post-pandemic narratives using materials from SF literature, art, and film production. The streaming format Electric Girls was created in the same year and presented to the digital audience by TATWERK Berlin as part of „Between Us – Backstage Peeping on Twitch“. In 2022, „Power to the matter“ was created as a performative investigation of the consequences that the findings of contemporary physics will have on our way of thinking and our society in the years and centuries to come. The two research projects are the basis for „there is no place like Before – a digital time-travel“, a cooperation with TATWERK and nota e.V.