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On the first night we looked at maps - Los Alemanes del Volga

  • Wenzel and Federico Vöcks de Schwindt
  • June 20th - 27th 2021
  • TD | Berlin

Scattered on the table photos, maps, documents and a song book. Around the table sits the audience, a mate tea is circling.

The performers in stage lighting are talking, sitting at a table, looking at a map. Books and booklets lie on the table. The audience is visible in the shadows. © Jana Kießer

The hosts, a gay couple: Federico an Argentinian with Volga German origins, has lived in Berlin for 5 years. And his future husband Wenzel, an East German who was raised amongst the abandoned industries of a disappeared country.
An historical journey is undertaken from the German region of Hesse to the Volga River, to the other side of the Atlantic and back to Berlin. Following the traces of the Volga Germans, who left for Russia in the 18th century and continued their trip to the American continent one hundred years later. Always foreign, always longing for a homeland that never existed.
Reviewing the fragments, the past as well as the present of two families are traced. We are looking for emotions from the past that may be part of who we are now, or in the future. A narration to mould our identity as a couple, a quest to find what the stories of our ancestors might have in common and maybe even reinvent the past.

Performance in English, German and Spanish.
In Kooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung

Video »On the first night we looked at maps - Los Alemanes del Volga«
Trailer »On the first night we looked at maps - Los Alemanes del Volga«


September 7th 2019 | 6th 8:30 pm
TATWERK | Performative Forschung, Berlin
Afterwards: Artists' talk with Theaterscouting Berlin

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June 20th - 27th 2021
TD | Berlin


By and with: Wenzel and Federico Vöcks de Schwindt


Wenzel Vöcks de Schwindt studied Performance Studies and History of Art at the Freie Universität Berlin and at the Università Roma Tre in Rome. He worked as Performance Director and Assistant Director at various opera houses, including the Komische Oper Berlin, the Teatro alla Scala, the Opera Vlaanderen as well as the Opéra Comique Paris.
He made his debut as an Opera Director with the production of Handel’s “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo”, which was shown in several clubs around Berlin. At the moment he is preparing a queer music theatre performance with songs of Benjamin Britten.
He also works for the education department of the Staatsoper Berlin.

Federico Vöcks de Schwindt studied to become a theatre director at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes Buenos Aires. His career started in the Buenos Aires’ independent scene where he directed pieces by well-known authors (including “Blood Wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca at Teatro del Viejo Palermo) as well as of his own authorship (including “Seguridad”, „Seguridad“ at Teatro El excêntrico de la 18).
Since living in Berlin, he focuses on performative research and the direction of his own pieces (including „Hawaiian Fragments“ at Acker Stadt Palast; „Artes Moriendi - Ways of Dying“ at the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018).