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Fe/Male Flavours

  • Various Artists
  • March 8th 2019
  • TATWERK | Berlin

An evening about bodies, sex and self-determination

Photo of a man from behind at the piano out of focus in the foreground and a woman in the stage space sitting in the spotlight light speaking into a microphone, the wall is hung with nude photographs is bathed in a strong red light. © Frank Sperling

March 8 is an official holiday in Berlin for the first time this year. On the occasion of International Women's Day, let's celebrate a femininity in solidarity: a femininity that goes beyond the generally recognized »biological feminine« and includes those who define themselves as female.
Fe/male Flavours visitors can expect a creative program of art, performance and culinary stimulating all senses.
An evening dedicated to self-determined bodies, sensual pleasures and individual sexuality - femininity to hear, see and taste.

culinary art | exibition opening | installation | performance | reading & music

Sexy Snacks

Carolin Dandara

Carolin Dandara's sexy snacks for women in Brazil, where the misogynist Bolsonaro is currently in office. Amateur cook, capoeirista and Brazil enthusiast Carolin bakes for you a feminist version of the Brazilian cheese sandwich »pao de qeijo«.

The Cycle Diaries

Mara Klein

The photographic series The Cycle Diaries is a scientific-poetic exploration of the female cycle. From the medical laboratory to the photo studio: Mara Klein has microscopically examined the flora of the vulva and created fascinating photographic works from it, which in their delicacy are reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms.

What's left of / The invisible city

Aurora Kellermann

The installation 250 places of sex work in one room: Created on a tour across Berlin, snapshots visualize brothels, massage parlors, sex cinemas, erotic clubs and street bars. An abstract mapping, an invisible city map of Berlin emerges. Aurora Kellermann interviewed Berlin sex workers and, in collaboration with Jasmine Guffond, assembled the conversations into a multifaceted composition.

Who is she

Amelia Emma Forrest & Judy LaDivina

Drag artist* Judy LaDivina and performer* Amelia Emma Forrest present a narrative of compassion, urgency and recognition. A powerful performance about female seeing and being seen in an everyday life dominated by male dominance.
Music by Ampfer, Innocent Heretic, Marie Davidson & Shy Visuals by Charis Boon Films Languages English, Hebrew & French

Porn and piano

Behind the pleasurable-sounding title lies a unique combination of text and music, discourse and sensuality, role-playing and social analysis. The musical reading series Porno und Piano interweaves porn dialogues with theoretical texts and works by modern poets and thinkers to create literary collages - framed and spiced with new, experimental live music. Excerpts from classics of world literature and lyrical works of past eras are read, as well as anonymous everyday notes and pearls of pop culture.


March 8th 2019

from 7 pm
Sexy Snacks | culinary art
The Cycle Diaries | exibition opening
What's left of | installation

8 pm
Who is she | performance

9 pm
Porno and piano | reading & music

TATWERK | Berlin