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physical prospects (2021)

  • Nora Tormann
  • April 23rd - 24th 2021
  • ACUD | Berlin / Online

A precarious and porous structure, threatening to collapse at any given moment. A multi-media choreography, an invitation into the hollow spaces of a counter-design. With body, sound, and installation, Nora Tormann explores porosity and its defiant reinterpretation as a feminist utopia.

Sharing Before Showing
Two performers dancing on stage © Helena Rauch

A porous landscape out of moss and concrete, within porous bodies. Bones, bubble wrap, crack. Voids and pores open up, have always been open. They make the landscape and the bodies fragile. Make them tremble in their vulnerability and their rage. And yet, they make the landscape and the bodies permeable: In the voids, the boundaries between inside and outside diffuse. The bodies become part of the landscape, the landscape part of the bodies. What can grow out of this?

The multi-media choreography physical prospects explores the resistant potential of the porous and precarious with body, sound, and installation. physical prospects uses porosity as an aesthetic analogy for the precarious. The choreography approaches precariousness, a basic bodily condition, and precarity, an immediate social and economic threat or the scenario thereof:

Because human bodies are vulnerable, human life is fundamentally precarious. Berlin 2021 - even if we share this dependency, it hits us differently: it tears open gaps of varying sizes between the omnipresent expectation to somehow get along and the social and economic reality that makes that systematically impossible. The dystopia of the present - capitalism, climate crisis, and the like - culminates into a precarious, porous structure that is always threatening to collapse.

How can resistance find a place in the voids of precarious and porous circumstances? How can we find resistance in the spaces where vulnerability and anger meet? Anger at the expected but unacceptable conditions - vulnerability as a radical mode of interaction. physical prospects is a manifesto of the fragile and permeable. In the artistic modes of production and the shared moment with the audience, physical prospects invites into the hollow spaces of a counter-design - a feminist utopia?

With the support of: TATWERK Berlin, Theaterhaus Mitte und Tanzfabrik Berlin.


Open rehearsal »sharing before showing«:
April 9th 2021 | 7:30 pm
TATWERK | Berlin / Online on Twitch

April 23rd 2021 | 8 pm
ACUD | Berlin / Online on the website of Acud

Further show:
April 24th 2021 | 8 pm
ACUD | Berlin / Online on the website of Acud


Concept & Choreography: Nora Tormann
Performance: Milena Stein, Dominique Tegho, Nora Tormann
Stage & Lightdesign: Helena Rauch
Music: Zofia Tomczyk
Mentoring: Sigal Zouk


Nora Tormann is a Berlin-based artist working with performance, choreography, and writing. Her work circulates around questions of how bodies work as political and philosophical emplacements – how ideological regimes shape bodies and vice versa. Her practice meanders on the fringes of artistic and theoretical research, pulling into questions the paradigms that constitute each sphere of knowledge. Since 2017, she develops her own work that has been shown at independent stages in Germany and other European countries. Her solo what remains washes away premiered at Celestial Bodies – Performing Arts Festival Reykjavík in 2019. As a dance-dramaturge, Nora works with the dance collective „Grupo Oito“ (Borders & Corners at Halle Tanzbühne Berlin, 2020; Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners at Gropius-Bau, 2020) and the performance company for young audience „in back“. Nora graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts at Listaháskóli Íslands in 2019. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht, the Netherlands, and Tecnológico de Monterrey, México, focussing on political theory, gender studies, and sociology.