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  • Steffi Kowalski & Matt Wilson
  • April 2nd - 3rd 2016
  • TATWERK | Berlin

A New Platform for Video and Performance Art »If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.«

Close-up of a man with a red beard and blue lipstick in frog perspective, holding a transparent vessel into which he looks directly, at the same time looking into the camera. © Peter Clough

Space/Time Berlin organizes for the first time its program of performance and video art, which will take place in the capital from in April 2016. 45 Berlin and international artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, the USA, Israel and Greece present in cooperation with five different venues works that deal with elements of time and strategies of influence on the experience of the audience.

Formulated as early as 1944 by John Cage, these words have lost none of their relevance to this day; perhaps they have never been more urgent. In a time in which we are shaped by an unprecedented flood of information and permanent input, our vision, receptivity, patience and willingness to be bored have changed radically. These changes also affect our perception of art, our viewing habits, and our expectations of a work of art. Many works of art, however, demand contemplation; they want to be patiently viewed and absorbed. This is especially true of performance and video art. Due to their ephemeral and temporal character, they are among the most uncommercial art forms, but they are highly dependent on a viewing public: they require viewers who are actively present so that they can be actively present as works.

Space/Time Berlin, curated by Steffi Kowalski and Matt Wilson, is a new platform for video and performance art in Berlin that presents artists whose works require time, demand contemplation and want to create new spaces of experience. The result is a month-long program in which we will show performance and video together, and detached from exhibition contexts at TATWERK, Sophiensælen e.V., Flutgraben e.V., Projektraum Naunynstr.53 and Acker Stadt Palast.

We are interested in overcoming the separation between what is traditionally called a screening or a performance by presenting these works in the same space, in the same time frame and for the same audience. In this way, contemporary dance comes together with documentary video, video performance with multimedia experiments, experimental theater with short film series. By presenting these positions together, their unifying elements, especially their inherent element of time, can be experienced in a new way.

Artists such as Peter Clough and Jen Gustavson (New York), Irene Accardo and Claudia Garbe (Berlin), and Spyros Kouvaras (Athens) question our visual habits, actively influence our perception of time, and thus catapult John Cage's request, formulated so many decades ago, into 2016, a year driven by information overload and speed.


April 2nd 2016
TATWERK | Berlin

5 Works on Ritual and Repetition

Leave the Keys and Go, Gali Kinkulkin; GOGOGO!, Evanthia Afstralou; Person #24, Karin Felbermayr; Werkzaamheid, Oscar van der Kruis; Slow Changes #3, Claudia Garbe and Johnny Chang  

April 3rd 2016
TATWERK | Berlin

5 Works on Memory and the Unconscious

Working title, Talia de Vries and Johann Nöhles; In 1998, I decided to wear all of my mother's skirts, Jérôme Chazeix; The Guryong Walks, Linda Havenstein; Song for being alone, Melissa Faivre; Ones in the Zeros
Vera Piechulla 


Artistic direction: Steffi Kowalski & Matt Wilson
PR: Aurora Kellermann

Participant artists:

Irene Accardo, Evanthia Afstralou, Mireia Aragonés Carol, Gili Avissar, Barbara Berti, Johnny Chang, Jérôme Chazeix, Peter Clough, Oliver Connew, Yasmin Davis, Stefan Demming, Discotheque Collective, Jacob Eriksen, Melissa Faivre, Karin Felbermayr, Claudia Garbe, Lukas Grundmann, Jen Gustavson, Linda Havenstein, Bjorn Haugen, Grace Euna Kim, Gali Kinkulkin, Spyridon Kouveras, Giorgos Kouveras, Christy Langer, Gosia Lehmann, Maryna Makarenko, Samuel Moncharmont, Johannes Nöhles,
Laurent Pellissier, Vera Piechulla, Elma Riza, Leyla Rodriguez, Mia Suppiej, Oscar van der Kruis, Talia de Vries, Alexa Wilson, Eric Wong, Edoardo Zanto


Steffi Kowalski is a Berlin-based art historian and provenance resercher who has studied in Bochum, Rome and Berlin. During her final years of study she apprenticed and worked with the Max-Planck-Institute for Art history in Rome, at the 2014 Berlin Biennale inter alia and is part of the PAP-Mentee-Program of the LAFT Berlin.  She has worked on theater projects and exhibitions in New York and Berlin, most recently for the NORDWIND Festival 2015.  In her curatorial practice, her primary interest is in contemporary performance and video art, the complex and difficult to place aesthetics, the special terms of perception, and the critical involvement of their forms of presentation.

Matt Wilson is the co-founder and resident playwright of New York experimental theatre collective, Sister Sylvester. In 2012, he received his Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, School of the Arts. Among his eight New York theater productions since 2009, his script for Play America (Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants) was nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award for Best Original Full-Length Play. He now lives and works in Berlin, where he continues writing and producing for theater, film, and performance.