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  • Lily Sykes
  • November 17th - 19th  2017
  • TATWERK | Berlin

- A Very Funny Tragedy – By Bloody Bawdy Villains

In the center of the image, a close-up of a middle-aged man with brown beard, hair and eyes, underlined with kohl, resting his chin on his hand, on which he wears a silver skull ring. He looks somewhat forlornly, directly into the camera. To his left, in the background, a woman with a nose ring and red lipstick can be seen lustfully poking a finger into his ear. To his right, at the bottom of the picture, half the face of a woman can be seen, nestled against him, looking up at him. © Johannes Greisle

In this production of Hamlet I’m going to play Hamlet and I’m going to do all the soliloquies and it will be really good. Nicole and Ela will play most of the other characters but I will also play some of the other characters because I’m really good at playing lots of characters. There will also be some singing and dancing and even if you don’t like Shakespeare you will like this because we make it really clear and really good. Please come because we’ve been rehearsing for ages and it’s going to be really really good.

P.S. I told Nicole and Ela that the audience will pick who plays Hamlet but nobody will want them to play Hamlet because I’m way better at playing him.


June 27th 2017
Ackerstadt Palast | Berlin

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June 28th 2017
Ackerstadt Palast | Berlin

November 17th - 19th  2017
TATWERK | Berlin



Ela Cosen, Nicole Ratjen & Damien Warren-Smith
Director: Lily Sykes
Designer: Friederike Meisel


Lily Sykes, geboren 1984 in London, ist Regisseurin. Sykes studierte an der Universität Oxford Germanistik und Philosophie, danach besuchte sie von 2006 bis 2008 die Pariser Theaterakademie École Philippe Gaulier. 2007 gründete sie mit Künstler*innen aus Japan, Deutschland, Österreich, England, den USA und Italien das Theaterensemble Aitherios. Von 2009 bis 2012 arbeitete Sykes als Regieassistentin am Schauspiel Frankfurt. Seit 2012 inszeniert sie als freie Regisseurin u.a. für das Deutsche Theater Berlin, das Schauspiel Frankfurt, die Theater in Oberhausen und Osnabrück, das Junge Theater Göttingen, das Schauspielhaus Zürich und das Schauspielhaus Graz.