Saverio Tonoli Adamo

© Alessandro Bellucci

Saverio Tonoli Adamo studied fine arts at Brera Academy in Milan. He is a painter and a photographer. His work covers a wide range of water-based techniques: darkroom processes and paintings with different liquids and acids, ink and watercolors, plaster mosaic and fresco, painted digital images.
Subject to matter - Butoh studies is an ongoing and evolving photographic project that began in 2012, experimenting with performative images in collaboration with japanese masters and members of the young scene of the Butoh dance and performance scene. The project deals with the behavior of the camera itself while shooting, which can be freed from its forced stillness, its supports and additional equipment reducing the camera to few essential elements and with the possibilities of digital painting and images manipulation, which liberate the images from mimesis misunderstandings and photographic illusions of reality. Subject to matter - Butoh studies will be a book of a dissolved photography, recollecting images of pieces of formless bodies in relationship with the surrounding space.