Date: 11. Oktober 2017 12:00 - 16:00

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Natsu Nakajima, one of the oldest female Butoh dancers, Tatsumi Hijikata's first female dancer, a founding member of Butoh movement in Tokyo, gives a 5-day workshop in Berlin. 

“For me, Ankoku Butoh is not a school but a journey and a place where I learn about the invisible. At the moment of the birth of dance I experience the union of mind and body and transcend my tiny self to feel a great power, great love”.
Natsu Nakajima

Combining Hijikata’s choreographic methods with the improvisation intelligence taught by Kazuo Ohno, as well as the long choreographic and performance expertise of Nakajima herself, this workshop will prepare you for sensitive improvisation work, choreographic aptitude, and performance integrity. Natsu Nakajima will teach not only the physical techniques, but also the background of Butoh conceptions and ideas. 
Content:1) Physical Exercise - General exercise- KATSUGEN activity (living vital force activity) by Noguchi - Method- body & vocalization- playing game2) Basic Butoh - being nothing- walking3)Vocabulary (how to combine theatrical action & dancing movement)- rhythm (time) and space4) Various energy qualities5) Transformation6) Improvisation7) Butoh-fu (Butoh Notation) from Hijikata’s work: how to use Butoh-fu and to combine with Hijikata's method and Kazuo Ohno’s method.

WHO: Natsu Nakajima
WHEN: October 11th - 15th | 12 - 4 pm
LEVEL: The workshop is open to all levels
PRICE: 210€ | 190€ early bird by paying within September 20th
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