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  • Various Artists
  • 2. Februar 2024
  • TATWERK | Berlin


Algomystica is an event series focused on experimental performance practices merging a broad range of scope and interests, spanning from computer music, to free improvisation, augmented and prepared acoustic instruments, live coding, circuit bending and everything in between.
For this edition, we invite you to join us in an immersive listening experience with an 8.1 sound system and a special selection of live acts.


2. Feburar 2024 | 15- 19 Uhr
Eintritt: 10-15€ sliding scale


Feat. Adriano Cava, Giulia Rae, Jiawen Wang, Hugo Lioret and Francesco Corvi


Adriano Cava
Playing with frequencies and electricity to shape sounding environments. Since 2016, Adriano Cava plays as a solo musician and in different group projects, exploring both computer music, electroacoustic and impro free-form music. He performs around Europe as Altrimenti, Adriano Cava and with Lametia trio, releasing albums on several labels such as Second Sleep, Union Editions, and Mahorka. Part of Misto Mame collective and 1/3 of Riforma screw-wave label. Mixing for and broadcasting from 00185fm, Radio Sygma (Wide.Mesh) and Radio Blackout (Matinée XXL).

Giulia Rae
Giulia Rae (she/her) is a composer, sound researcher and performer based between Brussels and Turin. Finding her practice between creative coding and sound design, semi-generative systems and live performance, Rae researches the intersections between immersive sound, listening practices, and technologically-mediated experiences. She develops her works in the field of algorithmic music, VR, multichannel and 3D sound. On 2023 she was selected as artist in residency for the <<Sonic Spaces 2023>> program at ZKM | Hertz Lab (Karlsruhe, GE) and at Q-O2 (Brussels, BE). During 2022 she worked as an artist in residency in the studio for 3D sound at the University of Paris VIII and at iMAL studios in Brussels, working with the Kinetic Sounds System. Giulia Rae’s last EP Nocturnal Drift was released in April 2023 by Søvn Records. Previous releases are on Ovaal, Light Item, Intersezioni, Solium Records, Guerrilla Bizarre. She performs internationally as live performer and dj. In parallel, she works as a composer and sound designer for multidisciplinary projects.

Jiawen Wang
Jiawen Wang is a media artist, audiovisual artist, performer based in berlin. 
Her work focuses on interactive algorithmical time-base composition in audiovisual transpersonal performative context as well as installation with a special focus on the philosophical reflection of technique, time and Chinese Cosmotechnics. Computer music, interactive games, video, and light design are integral parts of her work.
After receiving a BA in New Media Art from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China, she moved to Germany, recently studying in Art and Media at University of Arts Berlin. Her works are exhibited and performed various art venues and international festivals.

Hugo Lioret and Francesco Corvi
Francesco Corvi is a sound and multimedia artist, creative coder, and performer. His work explores the concepts of liveness, impermanence and embodiment through unconventional performance practices and working with custom digital technologies such as live coding environments and autonomous software behaviors.
Hugo Lioret is a sound artist, PhD researcher and music mediator based in Paris, FR. His work, rooted on organicity, encompasses electroacoustic composition, free improvisation, audiovisual performances, music for fixed medias, sound in situ and sound design through digital processes, field recording and modular approaches.
Anticipating their forthcoming live release (07.04.2024) on the Italian label SUPERPANG,
Francesco Corvi and Hugo Lioret are going to present a spatial audio improvisation performance for 8.1 speakers.